balsamic beets, caper berries and feta cheese  14

smoked sardine, pear and house pickles 15

asparagus, peas and lettuce hearts 15

marinated salmon, fennel and crème fraîche 16

mojama de atún rojo de almadraba with almonds   16


spinach and ricotta ravioli with brown butter and sage   17

celeriac, radishes, labneh and za’atar  14

potato salad, aromatic herbs and boiled egg  14

cod, leeks, cherry tomatoes and roasted garlic  24

ita´s roast beef. carrots, parsnip and rocket salad  26


lemon custard, cinnamon and merengue  8

pot de crème chocolate 70%  9

cardamom and orange egg custard  7


sourdough bread (Obrador San Francisco) with extra virgin olive oil  4

We are strongly commited with including seasonal products as well as working with farmers and producers who are engaged with the environment and the ecosystem

Prices include VAT

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