Dos fotografías del espacio, una con las mesas y otro con la barra


The space design at ita is the true reflection of our kitchen.

With the help of Combo Estudio, we have managed to generate a serene and welcoming atmosphere in two different areas: bar and dining room. The entire concept is integrated by the white tones of the Mediterranean.

The project highlights the materials on which the building was built, respecting, as far as possible, the natural stone of the floor and revealing the brick of the walls.

The copper utensils with which our grandmother Ita cooked have inspired us to line the front part of the bar. The countertop, as well as the dining room tables, are made with pieces of green terrazzo porcelain. We also reused the former table´s base from the original ones from 70´s. An oak wood profile finishes all the elements to provide the space with more continuity.

Everything is designed so that our clients feel as comfortable as if they were at Ita’s house.

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