Ita is the nickname we used for my grandmother, Isabel, since we were children, either because of abuelita or Isabelita. Ita was always the family’s cook, and everyone admired the love and dedication she put into her cooking.

At Ita’s house, we all gathered around the kitchen, even if it was small, hot or there were no available seats for all. Ita usually set the dining room for special occasions, but we always ended up in the kitchen, watching her cook surrounded by her copper pots and, of course, to taste a little something before everything was ready.

Before pursuing a professional career in the kitchen, I was fortunate enough that Ita taught me some of the most delicious recipes she had made throughout her life, recipes from her family or ones she learned along the way and perfected.

ita, in addition to being a tribute to my grandmother and the women cooks in my family, it is also a dream she couldn’t fulfill in her time, and now we will try to make it come true for her.

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